12 Tips for Moving into a New Apartment

While everyone was lighting off fireworks and parading around in their red, white and blue outfits for the Fourth of July, my fiancé and I spent the holiday moving into our new apartment. Adulting sucks, guys! (Although you should expect a youtube vlog about our moving experience sometime in the near future!)

To be honest, we were actually psyched to move somewhere new. Like I had mentioned in Life Lately, not only did we find this apartment within our first showing, unbelievable, but our new apartment happens to be bigger and cheaper. REALLY UNBELIEVABLE. Somebody pinch me! We won the lottery in apartment hunting!

Since it was the holiday weekend, we wanted our move to run as efficiently and smooth as possible, so we could hit the beach and celebrate afterwards! (More on our celebrations in a later post).

Here are the 12 tips you’ll need for moving into a new apartment.

Clean up

I can’t be the messiest person here, right? Before moving, make an effort to tidy up your current place, so that you don’t end up packing dirty dishes with clean dishes or smelly clothes with fresh clothes. That would be gross!

Start early

Lessen the workload for later by packing your out-of-season clothes, home decor, and other non-essentials a few weeks in advance.

Garage sale, anyone?

Before you move, take the time to trash, donate or resell any items that you won’t be needing in your next apartment.

More the merrier

Enlist some friends or family members to help you with the move. Extra hands would be helpful for carrying big furniture, like couches or mattresses!

Side note — While it’s not necessary to pay your friends, you should always thank them with a treat afterwards. We offered to pay for our friends’ drinks at our local hangout.

Another side note — If everyone claims to be “out of town” that weekend, consider hiring some movers. Then consider finding some new friends. (Kidding!)

Pack smart

Sometimes I get so involved with my mind game of Tetris, that I don’t realize when I’ve overpacked heavy things in one large box, which I can’t even lift. Amateur mistake. Always pack light things in large boxes and heavy things in smaller boxes. Don’t want to break your back!

Be resourceful

Rather than buying expensive bubblewrap, you should use towels, bedsheets, or clothes to line your fragile items, like plates, picture frames, and mirrors. We used one of our blankets to cover the TV during our move.

Make a game plan

Before you start piling up boxes everywhere at the new place, sketch out where you’d like the furniture to go. That way, you’re not scrambling over where to put the couch during the move.

Get some sleep

Packing can be stressful and physically demanding. You’ll want to get some sleep the night before, so you can wake up the day of feeling refreshed and at your very best.


Picking things up and putting things down. Simple right? Well, not if you do it 50 times in a row! Stock the new fridge up with drinks, so you will have something cold to hold you over in-between trips.

Those who struggle to stay hydrated should read 7 Tricks to Remind Yourself to Drink Water.

Label your boxes

With a sea of cardboard boxes, you’ll want some way to identify each without having to open them up individually. By labeling each box and grouping them by room (like living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc), you can keep track of everything. Bonus points to those who color code!

Pack an overnight bag

After an entire day of moving, I doubt you will have the energy to search for your toothbrush and other essentials. Prepare for your first night in your new place by packing an overnight bag full of toiletries, a fresh change of clothes, medication and your electronics!

Make it fun!

Unpack your speakers first, so you can listen to music as you move and unpack. A brand new apartment is more than enough reason to party it up!


Have you moved apartments or homes before?

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12 Tips for Moving into a New Apartment

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