23 Things About Me + Revealing Our Wedding Venue!

Hey everyone! On Wednesday, I turned 23 years old, so I thought I would share 23 fun things about myself.

Kim at Block Island overlook wearing gingham

To be honest, I have over ten posts drafted up which includes our last adventures of the summer and my weekend trip to Portland, Maine where Dan and I celebrated my birthday. However, I am still in the process of editing my photos and it doesn’t help that I write terribly slow, so I thought I would go ahead and publish these fun facts instead.

In addition, Keri had kindly nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award and Britney nominated me for The Liebster Award where I have to answer a few questions about myself, so I might as well combine these blog posts into one. Thanks girlies!

Here we go!

1. I am an early bird.

Luckily, I can shoot out of bed around 7am without the aid of an alarm clock or coffee for that matter.

2. Food doesn’t excite me.

Sorry sorry! I can sense all the hate comments being typed up now! Unfortunately, this is a very unpopular opinion of mine, as everyone in the entire world loves food, but for some reason, food doesn’t excite me. I’m just not a foodie. If I had it my way, I would photosynthesize like plants to avoid having to eat. If you are the one person reading this who feels the same way, please leave a comment for me so I don’t feel alone!

3. I still buy from the kids section.

Since I am really petite, I can still fit in kids clothes. So far, I have saved a ton of money doing so, but I will admit that kids clothing are sometimes worse quality than adult clothing.

Playing in the first snowfall of the year

My whole outfit (above) is from the kids section! Find the original post here.

4. I actually love receiving soaps, candles, and lotions.

Most people consider these types of gifts to be generic and lame, but I am the type of person who goes absolutely nuts in Bath and Body Works and Lush! Soap me up!

5. Wind blows right through me.

When you are as little as I am, there’s just not enough body fat to warm yourself up! Unfortunately, I get cold super easily, no matter how many layers I wear.

Windy Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI

Photo originally posted on A Winter Guide to Newport, Rhode Island.

6. The more pillows, the better.

When I go to bed, I sleep with a pillow beneath my head, between my legs, and hug one with my arms. Sometimes, Dan will go as far as to rest a pillow on my back so that I am literally surrounded with pillows.

7. Birds are my absolute favorite!

While people debate over cats or dogs, I am that crazy lady in the corner advocating for birds! On days when I am very stressed, I will even watch some bird videos on Youtube to calm me down.

8. Dan and I have a pet parakeet.

His name is Shiloh and we consider him our son. He’s about ten years old, blue and very shy.

Our parakeet, Shiloh

9. Dan and I were in a long distance relationship for all of college.

As you may have read here, Dan and I are high school sweethearts, but when we went off to college, our schools were seven hours away by car. We would try to see each other once every 1-2 months. It was really hard at the time, but it was all worth it now that we live together!

10. We are getting married next July on Block Island!

Remember when I had mentioned that our wedding will be a destination AND backyard wedding? That is because we will be getting married outside Dan’s Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful summer home on Block Island! WE ARE SO SO EXCITED! As you know, we spend our anniversary on Block Island every year, so this location is very meaningful for us. Not to mention, the island is absolutely beautiful. We are the two luckiest lovebirds!

Yeah we’re the couple that wears matching gingham shirts together (please excuse all my hair)

A post shared by Kim Vo (@kimbvo) on

Read all about Block Island here.

11. Despite being out of shape, I love adventuring.

So far, Dan and I have traveled around Washington, Iceland, and Costa Rica. We have seen volcanos, glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, oceans, forests and more. Our next trip will be Scotland in October!

Makin my way to the top!

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More of our Iceland adventures can be found here.

12. Photography is one of my biggest passions.

While it seems like Dan is the photographer in this relationship since I am in all the photos, it’s actually the very opposite. Every single shot you see is framed then edited by me. Dan is nice enough to take art direction from me and press the shutter button. With that being said, I will do anything to get the perfect photograph. If that means waking up at the crack of dawn or standing in 4 feet of snow to capture my vision, then so be it.

13. When I was ten years old, I wanted to be a graphic designer.

Ultimately, I decided to study Marketing because it seemed more practical, but every day I regret not majoring in Art.

14. I am the daughter of two hard working immigrants.

My parents’ strength and sacrifice while making the journey from Vietnam to America motivates me to work really hard, so I can make them proud and support them in the future.

Kim's parents

15. My lifelong dream is to own a house someday.

As a kid, I grew up in an apartment, so my family has never owned a house before. Now that I am a bit older, I am still hopping from apartment to apartment. While we are grateful to be living safe and comfortably, the day I buy a house will mark my biggest achievement and the proudest day of my life (besides my marriage). This is the American dream, guys!

16. I love plants but plants don’t love me.

Unfortunately, my apartment is not sunny enough to house plants, but I try anyways!

Buttonwood Farms Sunflower Festival, Griswold, Connecticut

More sunflowers and sunshine can be found at the original post, Sunflower Festival!

17. My favorite color changes.

As a child, my favorite color was always “the rainbow” because I just couldn’t pick! Then as a teenager, I loved pairing pink and green together cringe. Now, I love turquoise and colors that remind me of the sea.

18. I love watercolor painting.

In my free time, I love to paint landscapes and birds. Sense a pattern?

19. Home is my favorite place.

Even though Dan and I love traveling together, home will always be our favorite place. There’s no better feeling than going home and cuddling up in your own bed.

20. I was a straight A student.

When I graduated, I actually got an award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA for all four years. Stay in school, kids!

21. School presentations are my worst nightmare.

Give me even one line to memorize and I will stutter the whole way through.

22. I am a Virgo and an ESTJ.

Basically, I am a huge perfectionist, very practical, traditional and not a very fun human being. No offense to other Virgo and ESTJs, but you know it’s true. Read more about ESTJs.

23. Boating is our favorite summer activity.

Dan has grown up boating with his family, so naturally I joined in when we started dating!

Little weekend adventures 🌀

A post shared by Kim Vo (@kimbvo) on

More on our boating adventures can be found here or all over my Instagram.

Thank you SO much for reading these 23 things about me! Sorry to have bored you. Or perhaps you’re judging me for being such an odd-ball? Either way, if you’ve related to anything here, please let me know in the comments below! I would love to learn more about you guys!

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  • I LOVE this post 🙂

    So, the food thing. Food for the most part doesnt excite me but I have to say that i’ve gotten more into it because i have a chef husband. There are certain things I love for food and it’s fun to have food adventures. However, if i was on my own, I prefer eating something quick and easy versus spending time and energy on food!

    I doubt you are out of shape!! You guys hike a lot!

    I can also buy from the kids section although i don’t much anymore for 2 reasons – one because i’m over 30 and i am trying to dress more my age. And two, because kids have different bone structures, the clothes sometimes fit different. Like jeans, I never bought from kids section because I don’t like the way they fit my body. Kids have less shape so sometimes it’s just less flattering. But totally depends what it is.

    You’ll definitely own a house (of course it would help to live NOT in New England lol). LIke you could easily move to Arizona right now and buy a house today, no problem. And that’s totally awesome if it’s your dream but there are aspects of home ownership that will make you realize some days it’s overrated. Sometimes it’s just nice to have maintenance or other people that do things for you included in your rent and no financial responsibilities for when water heaters break (grrrr).

    Happy Birthday!!!

    • Hey Rachel! So glad you loved this post. I stole the idea from you, bahaha.

      I love that your chef husband has influenced you enough to care for food now. Since Dan isn’t a foodie either, we haven’t felt the need to delve into that aspect of life. We do feel like we’re missing out sometimes though. Like we don’t connect with other people because of this issue.

      Totally agree with what you’ve said about the kids clothes! I bought pants from the kids section online once and totally regretted it because my butt just would not fit, haha. I don’t even have a big butt, but compared to a kid’s butt, I do. I should have explained that I mainly buy kids sweaters, jackets and outerwear – basically things that are meant to fit loosely!

      Thanks for sharing your perspective on owning a home! We don’t have plans to live elsewhere from New England since we have family here, but who knows, maybe that will change. I love watching HGTV because the homes in the south cost so little compared to the northeast!

  • Oh happy belated birthday! It was lovely to read more about you, and your wedding sounds like it will be wonderful!

    Your bird is adorable too – my grandpa had a similar one, it used to fly around the house and cause damage by chewing on things, haha! Cheeky bird but we loved it.

    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂
    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thank you for your comment, Mica! As a child, I had 4 rambunctious parakeets who would fly around and chew things up too. They’re like little dogs, hahaha. Birds have a ton of personality, which I love. Hope you had an amazing weekend!

    • Thanks for reading, Michael! I am pretty good at painting birds, but anything else I struggle at, hahaha. Glad you like Shiloh’s name. I came up with the name when I was like 13.

  • I really enjoyed this post! Block Island will be sooo gorgeous for your wedding – how exciting! Our flat in London doesn’t get that great sunlight either but one day I hope I get all of the houseplants! x

    • Thanks for reading about me, Jasmin! We are super excited for our wedding, but there is a lot of planning involved. I hope you get all the houseplants someday too! Perhaps some that don’t mind the shade.

  • Happy belated 23rd birthday, I hope you had a fabulous time celebrating! How interesting food doesn’t excite you – I have an aunt who feels the same way, so you’re not alone! Your watercolour paintings are SO beautiful, by the way.


  • I love reading your 23 facts! First of all: Happy belated 23rd honey! I hope you had a great day filled with love. Speaking of love, congratulations on the engagement!!!! I cannot believe you’re not a foodie, I wish I wasn’t a foodie. That would make my life so much easier sometimes, haha!

    Love, Layla Rosita | http://www.laylarosita.com

  • Happy 23rd birthday, Kim!

    Haha, there’s nothing wrong with you not being a foodie! Everyone gotta be different in some way ;). I can totally relate to you about fitting into kid clothes! I find myself at Abercrombie Kids a lot XD. OmMMGG YES!!! MORE PILLOWS = WIN!!!

    It’s sweet to know that you and Dan are high school sweethearts! I am so glad that you both worked things out and look at you now! ABOUT TO GET MARRIED 😀 😀 :D.

    When I met up with another blogger a couple of months ago, that person asked my boyfriend how his photography skills are doing because it seems like our boyfriends are totally useful for taking blog pictures ;). Dan takes great ones! I can totally relate with you about wanting to own a house. Unfortunately, 20% down payment here is about 120k @__@.

    Look at you, rocking with your 4.0! You’re the harder worker here ;).

    • Aw thank you so much for all your enthusiastic comments, Nancy! I love how similar we are. You seem to be doing really well with computer science and security so I bet you’ll be able to afford a nice home in LA someday! And yes, boyfriends are great for many things, including taking photos for the blog hehehe.

      Thank you again!

  • So many interesting news, and some are also as mine 🙂 I’m always cold, I love painting with watercolors, i love birds, I am a graphic designer 😀 I love plants but they always die 🙁 I love adventuring and photography 🙂 we are so similar!
    xx Dasynka

  • Happy birthday again, Kim! I hope you had a great time celebrating it 🙂 I used to hate food but living in California + all the hype on hipster has changed that in me, whoops. I love your watercolor painting! it’s so beautiful.

    cabin twenty-four

    • Knowing you from your blog, I would have guessed that you are an early riser! You seem like a go-getter too. And no way girl, you are perfect the way you are 😉 Thanks so much for your comment!

  • The fact that you guys were in a long distance relationship for that long of a time surprises me. I was in one for a year and could not do it mostly because I never knew when I was going to see my ex (we were in different countries). I am so glad you are looking at fun things like locations!

    My Vogue Style | http://www.myvoguestyle.com

    • Thanks for stopping by, Camila! I’m so sorry about your past long distance relationship! I think ours was easier to overcome because we knew we would live together after college. Also, we lived only six hours away by car. It’s not like we had to take a plane to see each other.

  • Such a cool post, thanks for sharing more about you 🙂 I also still shop at kids section, but I cant help it. It is usually much cheaper and the design is usually flawless!

    • Omg thank you! I love that we have similarities! And so glad you liked the post. I don’t usually write up things about myself in this way, but maybe I will do it more often.

  • Happy Birthday! Hope you’ve had a fantastic day. Your list is hilarious, I really had to smile when I read about your pillows 😃 We have something in common with the plants, I had to accept to enjoy their beauty outside in nature and not inside the house lol. Have a great day

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    • Thank you, Simone! So glad my spiel about pillows made you smile. Plants are definitely better outside, as you said! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Such a fun post, especially since I had never visited your blog before, it’s fun to feel like I “know” you now!

    I am blown away by your watercolors, holy cow girl you are amazing!!! Also can’t believe that you don’t get excited about food! I legit LOVE food, though I kind of wish I didn’t hahahaa.

    xo Mary-Katherine

  • These are terrific facts! I can’t relate to #1 and #2. I’m an absolute night owl, and I just love food. I like birds too, but I don’t think I would want to have one as a pet. You can’t go wrong with pillows! I love when they’re nice and fluffy and you can cozy up in them. I think watercolor paintings are awesome too. Of course I love all art, but watercolor is one of my favorite types as well.

  • Aw happy birthday!! I enjoyed reading this post and learning about you! You are so talented with your paintings and your parakeet is adorable! My parents are also immigrants from Vietnam so I totally understand!! It’s amazing how our parents came from nothing and really built a life here in America!


    • Aw thank you so much, Tina! And thank you for sharing about your heritage! I haven’t met another Vietnamese blogger yet, so I’m glad you spoke up. Our parents are truly inspirational!

  • I loved finding out more about you and you seem like such an adorable person! I can totally relate to not being able to grow plants regardless of how much I love them, and boating is one of my favourite things to do when I’m on vacation because I grew up doing it as a child. Well done for your GPA and straight As, hard work is so important and I can definitely see it paying off for you. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you have a great week! Love, Maria x


    • Aw thank you for your kind comment, Maria! I wish everyone had boats so they could enjoy being on the water during the summer time. Seriously the best feeling ever! Hope you have an amazing week!

  • Happy birthday Kim! What a lovely way to get to know you a bit more through this post! I’m also an early bird person. My alarm goes off at 5 AM (for work), but I have to say I also get up very early on weekends! Nice to read that you love birds, but I have a huge fear of birds/chickens/ etc. (sorry!). I think it runs in the family as my sisters, my cousin are also afraid of them haha! Congratulations on the wedding venue! Can’t wait to see more! Vivian x


    • Thanks for commenting, Vivian! I have met a ton of people who are scared of birds, but I don’t get offended! To be honest, the big birds, like macaws, scare me too. Their beaks are huge and powerful and they are so smart!

    • Teesh! Happy to hear from you. Yes, we are so relieved to have found the perfect place. Hopefully, the rest will fall into place (after heavy researching and calling a dozen people – ugh).

  • Hey Kim, you sound adorable and I have not even met you yet! Thank you for dropping by my blog so that I could come over to your beautiful one. Love the design, the photos, the content…everything in it marries well. Looking forward to checking your other posts too. xx

  • Great post, I enjoyed reading it. I am petite, too, so I also buy some clothes from the kid’s section and I can just agree with your sentence, “wind blows right through me”. Your painting looks amazing. Have a fabulous week! 🙂 xo

    P&P style

    • Us petite girls need to stick together! No, I mean really. We should huddle up like penguins on windy days to protect each other 😉 Thanks for your comment! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • I envy you on #1 and #2. I can’t get up for the life of me and when I do, caffeine is a must. And I love food too much, like way too much. So if I didn’t, perhaps I would be 10-20 pounds less and the perfect weight. I have a fear of birds so a pet bird would be a no-no for me, but yours is really pretty. And I hate presentations too because I can’t memorize crap and I get tongue tied.

    xx Yasmin

    • Don’t be silly, Yasmin! You are the perfect size! And don’t worry. Being scared of birds is understandable, as I have met many people who don’t like them. Although to be fair, my bird is far more scared of people than we are scared of him. He’s so little! 🙂

  • Happy belated birthday! You are so cute (and a smart kid) Kim!! I loved reading your post! Shiloh is adorable! 🙂 I am glad I got to know you better! And I am sure you will own a mansion someday! 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Happy belated birthday!

    I’m surprised that you aren’t a foodie given that your parents are Vietnamese! You don’t have any fave home-cooked dishes? I credit my mom’s cooking for my obsession with food. :-/

    Congrats on deciding on your wedding venue! I bet that’s a huge relief.

    blog: little green field book

    • Thanks Veronika! Even though I am not a foodie, I can proudly admit that my mom makes THE BEST Vietnamese food. Although there are some Vietnamese dishes that I don’t like, not because she makes them badly, but because I am so American now. It’s somewhat of a curse – being raised both Vietnamese and American because I fall through the cracks of both cultures. Her cooking is definitely wasted on me sometimes. My fiancé LOVES her food though. She already considers Dan the Vietnamese son she has always wanted. I bet your mom makes amazing food 🙂

  • I love this, all of these things are interesting! I’m also the one who takes all of the photos but my husband is the one who’s better at it lol. And I can never sleep in past 6am and I never drink coffee. Sounds like we’re naturally morning people!

  • I swear as I read through your get to know me post, I was reading a biography of one of my good friends lol. My desk-mate at work loves birds and loves to paint and draw and she paints birds too! She totally took a peak at this post and loved it!

    Rina Samantha

  • So amazing that you are getting married on an island in Maine! Congratulations! I had the pleasure of participating in a photo shoot for my brand, The Maine Square, on House Island, Maine last fall. It was so beautiful! I was able to spend the night on the island as well. I don’t think I have ever slept so peacefully! Crazy that I have lived in Maine all my life, yet I had no idea that there were so many beautiful islands out there!

    • Block Island is actually a part of Rhode Island! We just visited Maine a few weekends ago, so that might be why you were confused. Maine definitely is beautiful, as is all of New England! Gotta love that water view, right?

  • Great post, I loved reading through all these facts. I love that you and Dan are high school sweethearts, my boyfriend and I are also high school sweethearts. Congrats on deciding on your wedding venue! It’s going to be beautiful!

    Best wishes,
    Pepper | Peppermintheart

  • This is such a cute idea for a post! I’m like you – food does almost NOTHING for me. I eat the same thing almost every day. That’s so funny – it’s so rare to meet another person like that!