Kim and Dan in Mystic, Connecticut

Meet the Lovebirds.

Hello there!

My name is Kim and I’ve been dating my fellow lovebird, Dan for over six years. We met in high school and have been inseparable ever since. Besides you know, the whole long-distance-because-we-attended-different-colleges thing. Now we are recent college graduates in our early twenties (22 and 24, respectively) who take advantage of every opportunity to create, explore, and live happily together.

My passions are in photography, watercolors, DIYs, birds, and discovering new places. In school, I studied Marketing and Design.

Dan’s passions are in the outdoors, cars, computers and other nerdy mechanical stuff — but don’t worry you won’t see that on our blog! 😉

SimplyLovebirds is a blog revolved around our daily life and was created with hopes of spreading our adventures, advice, DIYs and life events with you!

We hope to inspire our readers to cultivate fulfilling relationships, like ours, brimming with love, travel and excitement.