Celebrating Our Anniversary on Block Island

Many things can happen in five years, but the fact that Dan has always been a constant in my life is definitely something worth celebrating! We celebrated our fifth year together by spending the weekend at my favorite place to date, Block Island!

Settling into Aunt Susie’s House

Luckily, Dan has an aunt who spends her summers on Block Island, so we always have a place to stay when we visit. Aunt Susie has a lovely home with beautiful hydrangeas in front!

Hydrangeas on Block IslandSeagulls, hydrangea, Block Island

On my first visit to Block Island, I bought this ADORABLE seagull ornament. Oddly, it has been one of my favorite purchases of all time! So this year, I adopted another for my collection, totaling 4 seagulls now. Quadruple the happiness!

Map of Block Island

Usually we’ll consult with a map to plan our bike route for the day. Most coastal towns in New England offer these quirky, illustrated maps which I love to collect!

Block Island beach houseBlock Island Seagull Ornament

My favorite trinket again. Seagulls have a bad reputation but I’m willing to look past that. Watching seagulls at the beach is one of my favorite past times!


Mohegan Bluffs

Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island

We love venturing down at the Mohegan Bluffs, although we never stay long enough to sunbathe or swim, since there are so many rocks around! This day at the Bluffs in particular was foggy.


Southeast Lighthouse

My favorite of the two lighthouses on Block Island is the Southeast Light. Tours are inexpensive, if you’re interested in scaling the top, but honestly, I’m just as happy looking from the outside.

Southeast Lighthouse, Block IslandSoutheast Lighthouse, Block Island

Sometimes I catch myself staring at my feet, so I try to remember to look up from time to time!

Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island


Abram’s Animal Farm

Chickens of Block Island

My clucks weren’t fooling these chickens at Abram’s Animal Farm, so they shuffled back into their hiding spot.

Chickens of Block Island

Disclaimer: no chickens were harmed in the making of this photograph. This feather was ethically sourced.


Goodbye Block Island!

Sunset, sailboat, Block IslandSunset Block Island

We had so much fun and definitely recommend Block Island for beach lovers or those who want to experience New England at its finest!

Unfortunately, we didn’t document us exchanging anniversary gifts, kayaking on the Great Salt Pond during sunset, or playing in the waves on Crescent Beach. But no worries because we will be back on Block Island next summer to make more memories! A big thanks to Aunt Susie for being such a lovely and welcoming host, as always.


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Also tell us, how do you like to celebrate your relationship milestones?

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  1. March 10, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    I confess I’ve never heard of Block Island – it looks adorable! I’ll have to add it to my list for if/when we move back to the States!

    • March 20, 2017 / 9:34 pm

      That’s understandable since Block Island is so small! If you ever visit the New England region, let me know and I’ll give you suggestions on where to visit! Although your life in Korea looks amazing! 🙂

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