Apple Picking with Family in Connecticut

It’s official, fall is in the air! Well, kinda. Actually, no. We are still experiencing hot summer weather in New England, which is rare for the end of September. Yet, here I am typing this while the box fan is cranked on high. This strange weather won’t stop us from celebrating with our usual fall activities though.

We started the falliday season with one of my favorite family bonding activities, which is apple picking! Luckily, my parents and sister’s family live nearby so we all met up at a local farm. This place allowed us to pick our own apples, peaches, raspberries, blueberries and more.

Sunflower field / simplylovebirds.comSunflower field /

This farm had a sunflower maze which reminded us of the Sunflower Festival we attend last July!

Parents at sunflower field /

Here are my happy parents! They have been married for over 30 years now.

Adorable family at sunflower field / simplylovebirds.comAdorable family at sunflower field / Family at sunflower field /

Here is my sister and her family. These kiddos are half Vietnamese and half whatever my brother-in-law is. Let’s just generalize and say, white.

Family at sunflower field / Fields / Cute little girls / Cute little girls /

Here is Maddie showing off her freshly picked apple. Emma knows her turn is next and she’s already pointed out the apple she wants.

Apple picking with kids / Apple picking with kids /

Maddie’s hat is from the lakeside cabin we stayed at last summer! Read more on that family trip here.

Apple picking with kids / Apple picking with kids / Apple picking with kids / Apple picking with kids /

Sweet victory! Emma picked her first apple!

Apple picking with family / Apple picking with family /

Like I said, it’s shockingly warm here so I’m wearing what Dan likes to call “my tiny shirt” and shorts.

Me and my niece / Kim from

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of Dan. He’s really sneaky because he likes to stand slightly behind me whenever we’re walking around, so he never managed to get in my photos! Come to think of it, I hardly photographed my dad either. Maybe they’re both ninjas?

Family at sunflower fields / Family at sunflower fields /

My mom absolutely adores my nieces. Honestly, her life calling was to be a grandmother. She loves to spoil them with hugs and kisses. It’s nearly impossible to separate my mom from her grand-babies! Is anyone else’s mom the same way?

Photographing Children vs. Adults

I have never photographed children before this family outing, but I will have you know, it’s entirely different from photographing adults. And by different, I mean, awesome! My nieces were so joyful, carefree and energetic! Now, I know why burst mode is such a necessity for photographing pets and children. Maddie and Emma made the cutest new face expressions every second and screamed in excitement over anything, like when a bird passed by or when they discovered more apples on the ground.

When you try to photograph adults, they will instinctively give you a smile and more often than not, an awkward pose. While there’s nothing wrong with a posed picture, I find that candid ones truly capture the moment and even reflect the person more accurately. For instance, my nieces will smile simply because they are happy, not because there’s a camera pointed at them. Hopefully, you will see more of my nieces as they are growing up. I love spending time with my family, especially when we have fun activities planned out like this. Do you have any family traditions that revolve around Autumn?

What is your favorite family activity?

See our last family vacation at the lakeside cabin in New Hampshire.

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