A Guide to Visiting Block Island’s North Lighthouse

Just as you would assume, the North Lighthouse sits at the northernmost tip of Block Island, a tiny dot of land off the coast of Rhode Island known for natural beauty, coastal shops and beaches. The lighthouse might be considered off the beaten path since it’s farther from the other sights on Block Island, but it’s still quite popular due to its unspoiled beauty and history. North Lighthouse was built in 1829 and is one of the two lighthouses that you can tour on Block Island.

Luckily, we had the family car to navigate the island, so we decided to drive up to the North Lighthouse. Don’t fret if you didn’t bring your car to the island because this trip can be done on bicycles or a rented moped. Although, we would recommend a moped over a bicycle!

Driving in Block Island

Nearly half of Block Island is conserved land, which means the rolling hills and meadows theoretically should stay this beautiful forever. We won’t have to worry about Starbucks or Walmart forcing their way onto this charming island! During your ride, you may run into the occasional stop sign, but the island actually doesn’t have any stop lights. This is one of my favorite things that makes Block Island unique.

Jeepin on Block Island

Block Island is an odd shape as you can see from Jeep’s spare tire cover. Many people have said that Block Island looks like a pork chop and I agree. From the outline, you’ll see that Block Island pinches with a tip at the very top left. That is where we are taking you today!

Mercedes wagon on Block Island north shoreRocky North Shore Beach on Block IslandOcean at North Shore on Block IslandRocks and Sperry Shoes on Block Island Rocky North Shore Beach on Block Island

You can see the North Lighthouse at the very end of this rocky beach.

Dan at North Shore Beach on Block Island North LIghthouse on Block Island from afar

Directions to the North Lighthouse

To get to the North Lighthouse, you will have to drive up Corn Neck Road and pass Sachem Pond on your left, until you reach a small parking lot for the North Lighthouse. You can ride bicycles (although not recommended for beginners) or rent a moped.

From the parking lot, you can step onto the rocky beach and view the North Lighthouse from afar like we did OR you can take the sandy path—about 1/2 mile—all the way up to the lighthouse. If you go out even further, you’ll reach Sandy Point, which is truly the most northern tip of the island.

Be prepared to walk through a fairly long sandy path to get a closer look of this beautiful landmark. Along the path, you’ll see sand dunes, vegetation, wildflowers and ocean views. Next year, we plan to come back and update this post with more pictures of the path. (Sorry for now!)

Itinerary Tips

Most people don’t get to see the North Lighthouse on their first day in Block Island because it’s the opposite direction of the more popular sites, the Southeast Lighthouse and the Mohegan Bluffs, which can be seen on my last post here. However, North Lighthouse can easily be prioritized for your second or third day on the island.

While there is a beach at the North Lighthouse, you cannot swim there due to riptides. Most visitors opt to sunbathe at the official town beach, because of its convenient location, walking distance to the town center and restaurants.

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