Boating on the Connecticut River

Boating on the Connecticut River / Simplylovebirds

We believe that you don’t truly know a person until you get a glimpse of what they like to do on the weekends! Maybe your friends are the type to Netflix and chill the weekend away — that’s something we’ll admit to doing! Or perhaps they’re thrill-seekers who conquer nearby mountains on the weekends. But really, no lifestyle is better than another.

For us, our favorite summer activity is to go boating on the Connecticut river. Dan’s father docks his boat in Chester along the Connecticut River and invites us over all the time. It’s relaxing and a great way to cool down on hot summer days.

Boating at Pattaconk Yacht Club
Here’s the view on our way out of the marina. We love the paint job on this gray boat!
Boating at Pattaconk Yacht Club
Heading out to the river!

Since we don’t live far from the boat, we decided to go out on a Tuesday afternoon! Seriously, the best decision we ever made. There was no one on the water, so we got the river and beach to ourselves. The water was perfectly still and no one was there to judge the obscene amount of photos I like to take!

Our Hidden Gem on Connecticut River
Our hidden gem on the river!

We’ve reached our hidden gem on the river, this secluded little beach. I’m not entirely sure where we anchor, but my best guess is that we are at the edge of Selden Neck State Park, an island in Lyme, CT. Usually there’s more sand, but it looks like high tide today. We take the dinghy here almost every weekend to have a picnic on the beach and swim.

Behind all the foliage is an impressive tree swing.

Sunset over the Connecticut RiverSunset PortraitsSunset Portraits

The sky was absolutely gorgeous setting over the river.

My bathing suit is Victoria Secret’s Angel Convertible. It’s on the simpler side, but I figured white is timeless. Also, I like that it doesn’t tie in the back, so when I go to lie down, there’s no knot digging into my back!

Sunset at the Pattaconk Yacht Club
Soaking in the beautiful colors! How is this real?!
Docking at the Pattaconk Yacht Club
Done for the day!

When we’re done for the day, Dan has to tie our small boat to his dad’s bigger boat or else it will float away!

Interested in the Connecticut River?

Not all of us can have boats, which is entirely understandable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the Connecticut River! Common boats tours that we’ve seen on the river are Lady Katharine Cruises and RiverQuest. Remember to wave back if you see us on the shoreline!

What do you like to do on summer weekends?

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