Cape Neddick Lighthouse in York, Maine

When you think of Maine, your mind probably jumps to their iconic lighthouses! (Or delicious lobsters). On our weekend drive along the southern coast of Maine, we dropped by the quaint coastal town of York, where you can experience New England at its finest. Our first stop? Cape Neddick Lighthouse, of course.

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse /

Cape Neddick Lighthouse (also known as Nubble Light) may look familiar to you. That’s because it is considered one of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine.

As New Englanders, we have seen plenty of lighthouses before, but none quite as picturesque as this!

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse

Even on a sunny day, we would suggest bringing layers to see the lighthouse because it’s extremely windy along the Atlantic Ocean. We ended up going back into our luggage to find a second layer.

New England Style Blogger / Simply Lovebirds

Brought out my Patagonia fleece pullover which did the trick. This jacket is a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe. Not to mention, I match the lighthouse now. Whoops. Christmas card in the making, anyone?

New England Style Blogger / Simply Lovebirds

I am smiling as best as I can here, but to be honest, it was so windy and I wasn’t very happy about that. My hair was all over the place and it took a solid hour to get the tangles out by the end of the night. That’s New England weather for ya.

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse / Simply Lovebirds / Kim VoNew England Style Blogger / Simply Lovebirds

On a busy summer day, you may find yourself circling around their parking lot a few times until a spot opens up. Luckily, it seems like most people show up to take their photographs then clear out after 10-15 minutes. Once it’s your turn to view this iconic beacon, you won’t regret the short wait! Personally, we stuck around for longer to watch the waves crash down on the rocks below. Truly mesmerizing!

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse / Simply Lovebirds / Kim Vo

Unfortunately, you cannot tour the inside of the lighthouse nor can you see it from close up, since the island is not accessible for the public. However, the park is well maintained with benches, a gift shop and public restroom. We enjoyed walking out onto the rocks to watch the waves crash beneath and take photographs. Just be careful not to stop on wet rocks, as those are really slippery!

New England Style / Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse / Simply Lovebirds

Since I had missed out on my senior portraits back in the day…

New England Style / Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse / Simply Lovebirds

More on Dan’s outfit from this day can be found here.

New England Style / Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse / Simply LovebirdsKim and Dan at Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse /
You may be thinking, but where do we eat? In walking distance is a small shack called, Fox’s Lobster House. You can buy one of Maine’s famous lobster rolls and eat at the picnic tables with a view of the lighthouse.


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