Driving a Classic 1968 Volvo Amazon

Face of 1968 Volvo AmazonClose up of 1968 Volvo AmazonInterior of 1968 Volvo Amazon Interior of 1968 Volvo AmazonFixing up the 1968 Volvo Amazon Fixing up the 1968 Volvo Amazon Classic Car: 1968 Volvo Amazon Back of 1968 Volvo AmazonDan Test Driving the 1968 Volvo Amazon Dan Test Driving the 1968 Volvo Amazon

Ever since Dan was a little boy, he’s loved everything about classic cars. The engine, the bodywork, the handling. Not to mention the round headlights, the leather steering wheels and the roll down windows, which are rare to find in modern cars these days.

Lately, he’s been searching for classic european cars online. He found a decent Volvo Amazon from 1968 in Rhode Island, so being the supportive girlfriend fiancé that I am, I joined him in checking it out.

Thankfully, the car was free of any strange modifications. Although, the past owner had added a radio and updated the seat covers. Personally, I loved the gray buffalo plaid print! It was a special touch that made the car even more unique.

For a 50-year old car, the 1968 Volvo Amazon ran smoothly. But unfortunately, we didn’t end up buying the car, because we found some damage on the frame. Fixing that would’ve involved long laborious hours of welding in new body panels. It’d simply cost more than it’s worth.

But we’ll admit that the test drive was a great experience. The engine roared and continued to rumble the entire drive, like you’d expect from a classic car. As we cruised down the streets of Westerly in the 1968 Volvo Amazon, it felt like we went back in time; to simpler times.

Do you like the look of classic cars? Would you ever buy one?

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  • That is so cool! Do you guys think you’d buy a classic car, after recovering financially from the wedding? I bet that would be a dream for Dan! Also, I totally agree that the car seats look great with the plaid print.

    • Yes hopefully we can make his dream come true! Dan’s been shopping around for a classic car on good ol’ craigslist for a while now, haha.