Common Questions Following Your Engagement Announcement

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When Dan and I first announced our engagement to friends, family and co-workers, we felt super anxious because we had never been the center of attention before. Not to mention, we were the first out of all our friends and cousins (our age) to get engaged, so we weren’t sure how people would react. Luckily, everyone had positive reactions. After the hugs and cheering, we noticed the same string of questions that popped up.

You might be thinking, why am I sharing these questions with you?

Well, sometimes my mind goes blank and I begin to stutter when lots of people are looking at me and asking a ton of personal questions. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way I am! So if you are anything like me and hate being put on the spotlight, this post should help you prepare for when you announce your engagement someday. After all, no one likes a surprise interview!

Without fail, these are the most common questions that people asked.

(By the way, no one seemed to ask Dan any questions, so future grooms, you are off the hook!)

  1. How did he propose?

  2. Was the proposal a surprise?

  3. When’s the wedding?

  4. Have you made plans yet?

  5. Can I see the ring?

From my observation, people who were married, such as my aunts and uncles, had the most questions and enthusiasm. Whereas some of my single friends weren’t sure what to say or how to react.

If you are single or not sure how to react, these questions are a great starting point! (Also, don’t be rude, remember to say congratulations!)

Now that you have an idea of which questions will be asked, you can give them some thought and answer confidently before you announce in front of a crowd. In the end, honesty is the best policy, so answer truthfully!

Ladies who’ve gotten engaged before, did people ask you the same things?

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  • It’s kinda funny how the girl has to answer to all these questions 😛 Thanks for sharing, Kim!

    • Kim

      I know, right! Some guys just don’t care about the details like girls do 😛

  • I’m not engaged. But I for sure made at least one of those questions hahaha.

    xx, Melissa

    • Kim

      When you get engaged someday, you’ll see what I mean hehe.

  • I got those too! Congrats!

    • Kim

      Thank you!

  • I always ask about the proposal. I love a good proposal story!


    • Kim

      Thanks Colleen! I love proposal stories toooo!

  • Haha oh the questions! I don’t think I’ll deal well with a million people asking me the same things, but I know it’s all part of the ‘after’ process. ;p


    • Kim

      Very true! I wouldn’t feel very special if it turned out that no one asked me these questions!

  • It’s great that the people around you were supportive and happy about the engagement! Sending hugs and big congrats from my end as well~

    Thanks for sharing the common questions! I can suspect that a lot of people would ask these questions because I would’ve asked a few as well. I feel like people who are married probably experienced the same thing so they already know what to ask XD. At the same time, it probably feels natural to them. This made me realize that I don’t really ask that many questions unless the person decides to tell the story @___@. Now I know what to prepare for whenever I get engaged :).

    • Kim

      Aw, thanks for the hugs and congrats, Nancy!!

      I agree that people who’ve already experienced being engaged would feel more natural asking these questions!

  • Definitely ones we were asked too!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Kim

      Awesome! Glad I chose the right questions!

  • I definitely was asked these questions when we were engaged…sometimes it did get a bit overwhelming! 🙂 Great post!

    • Kim

      Thanks for reading! It’s quite an exciting time for me!

  • Nina

    These are the common questions people usually ask and I had to answer them too, when I was getting married.

    Nina’s Style Blog

    • Kim

      Nice! Glad I got the common questions right.

  • Rachel M

    It’s funny because he was more excited about sharing how he proposed than I was (I think). Not that I wasn’t happy and excited! I think he was just proud of how he pulled it off himself without me knowing.

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

    • Kim

      Awww that’s soo sweet!! 😀

  • Violette

    That’s always the question I ask people when I hear they are engaged! So nice to know more about!

    • Kim

      Me too! Can’t wait for my friends to get engaged so I can ask them questions 🙂

  • Congratulations!

    Haha yes it must be funny to be asked the same questions over and over. But what an exciting time!

    Julia |

    • Kim

      Super exciting!! Thanks Julia!!

  • Congratulations! I’ve never been engaged but I’m definitely keeping this in mind for the future haha

    • Kim

      Thanks Vicky 🙂

  • Bella Skoog (Bella)

    I can only imagine how often these questions must pop up!

    Hugs Bella, // Instagram: bellaskoog

    • Kim

      Yes! Although, I forgot to mention, it is fun to answer them!

  • OH yes!! Totally the go-to questions, haha! Then after you get married it’s like, when’s the baby coming?

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • Kim

      Hahah that sounds about right! I’ll be sure to prepare for those post-wedding questions!! Thanks Brooke!

  • Kim

    True! That’s not a bad thing though! Just sharing to help people prepare 🙂

  • Kim

    Glad I got it right!

  • Congrats on the engagement! Great post, I’ll definitely keep these in mind for the future.

    Kara x |

    • Kim

      So sweet! Thanks Kara!

  • CoRina Culeva

    Congrats for your engagement, guys! You look beautiful together!

    • Kim

      Aw thank you so much!