Our First Wine Tasting

Rustic interior of Saltwater Farm VineyardSaltwater Farm Vineyard wine tasting glass and logoWine tasting at Saltwater Farm VineyardWine tasting at Saltwater Farm VineyardWine tasting at Saltwater Farm VineyardSaltwater Farm VineyardWine tasting at Saltwater Farm Vineyard

First thing’s first, did you know that wine tasting is two words? Tricky tricky. This whole time I had no clue and had to look it up before titling my post! Anyways, moving on…

Over the summer, we attended our first wine tasting event at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Connecticut. It was a spur of the moment decision, but a fun one! We immediately fell in love with the warm, rustic feel of the venue. Their mood lighting reminded us of Christmas, even though it was the middle of summer!

We loved the Saltwater Farm Vineyard logo, too. It’s hard to see against an empty glass, but it looks like a shore bird that we’ve seen often on the Connecticut River! Perhaps it’s an egret? Or maybe a heron or crane? We’re no bird experts, but we wish we were!

All of the wines were sweet except for the very last red wine, which tasted like an ashtray—bleh! Perhaps it’s an acquired taste and I’ll have to experience more wine tastings to appreciate it?

Overall, our experience was a great one. Hopefully next summer, we can visit all the vineyards on the Connecticut wine trail!

Do you have a favorite type of wine? Any suggestions?

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