10 Fun Facts About Us

Meet Kim Vo and Dan O'Malley

Welcome to our first blog post!

As the heart and soul behind this blog, we wanted you guys to get to know us better with this post fully dedicated to 10 fun facts about us.

Now let’s get started!

1. We’re from the same hometown!

We grew up in the same suburban town in Connecticut and lived less than 2 miles away from each other. However, it wasn’t until high school when we met. Usually assigned seating is a kid’s worst nightmare, but it was a blessing for us!

2. We have a pet bird!

We have a parakeet named Shiloh. He is blue, fluffy and energetic. But as his name suggests, he is quite shy and could use some company. Our dreams are to own more birds someday, like lovebirds!

Our parakeet, Shiloh

3. We’re the babies in our families.

I am the youngest of two (unless you include my cats, like my mom does), while Dan is the youngest of four.

4. We are below average.

In height, that is! We are much shorter than the average American. My height hovers close to 5 ft while Dan is a mere 5 ft 5 in.

5. Our happy place is by the water.

We love the sea and boating on weekends. Our past two apartments have been on the Connecticut shore and we hope to keep it that way.

Dan in Stonington, CT

6. We love making things.

Our hobbies differ quite a bit, but they both involve making things. For instance, we made the ribbon backdrop seen in our first picture of this post together. I find it incredibly therapeutic and fun to make my own DIY home decor and art. (Check out my Pinterest where I pin all my inspiration and ideas). Whereas, Dan enjoys building computers “from scratch” and tinkering around with cars!

7. We are camera-shy.

Photography is hands-down my favorite hobby, which is why you’ll see a ton of my photography on the blog. Modeling for the pictures, on the other hand, is not my forté. In fact, I would much rather be behind the camera taking pictures. Unfortunately, Dan does not enjoy being in front OR behind the camera. Below is a picture of me taking a picture, taken by Dan.

Pictures at Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland

8. Neither of us can (or like to) cook.

Our cooking abilities are next to nothing, which is sad to admit because cooking is an essential skill and as adults, we don’t really have an excuse. But really, shouldn’t these life skills magically kick in by now? We’re waiting…

9. We love animation!

Pixar’s Up, My Neighbor Totoro, Finding Nemo, Bob’s Burgers… the list can go on forever. Even though we’re full-grown adults, we’re still kids on the inside and something about animation draws us in!

Up Ellie and Carl

10. We are nature geeks!

National parks take up a huge chunk of our travel bucket list. Our trips to Acadia National Park in Maine, the Everglades in Florida, Olympic National Park in Washington and Þingvellir in Iceland have been so magical. We plan to visit all of the parks someday.

Kim and Dan in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Wow! This post was surprisingly hard to write up because we wanted to pick facts that were true for the both of us. But it’s great to have our similarities written down somewhere!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us.

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