Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving | simplylovebirds.com

Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends!

And to those who aren’t American, I still wish you have an incredible day!

My parents came to America twenty-four years ago to give me and my sister a better life and I couldn’t be more thankful of anything in the entire world. Come to think of it, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (after Christmas)! We should be grateful for all that we have everyday — not just on the third Thursday of November — but hey, it’s a great excuse for family to gather around and feast on the biggest meal of the year. No complaints here!

This afternoon, we drove home to eat with my family and soon we will stop by Dan’s house to catch up and eat dinner with his family. The funny thing is neither of our families ever cook turkeys! Instead, they’ve replaced it with beef, chicken, ham, or duck, although I’m not quite sure why. And last year, my family had a seafood hot pot, which is pretty unique (and SO delicious). I’m going to cut it short here though. You guys should run off and spend time with your family and friends too!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What do you like to eat/do for Thanksgiving?

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