Learning to Love Where I Live

Branford Trolley Trail Nature Path, ConnecticutGirl modeling in natureGirl modeling in natureBridge at Branford Trolley Trail Nature Path, Connecticut Girl on bridgeBranford Trolley Trail Nature Path, ConnecticutKim and DanBranford Trolley Trail Nature Path, ConnecticutGolden hour at Branford Trolley Trail, ConnecticutBranford Trolley Trail Nature Path, Connecticut

Can I share a confession? When we first moved here, we felt instant buyer’s remorse. Although to be clear, we haven’t bought a house here. We’re simply renting an apartment. But still, our current town hadn’t left a desired first impression.

Perhaps we could blame our upbringing, which had created high expectations. Dan and I were lucky enough to grow up in the same, beautiful suburban town with picturesque colonial homes where every family owned golden retriever puppies and hung an American flag on their front doors. We had been spoiled for our entire lives and are fully grateful for having grown up in such a nice town. Not everyone has that opportunity, after all.

Fast forward to now. Our everyday commute includes driving past multiple liquor stores, car dealerships, chain fences, tacky billboards, a trailer park neighborhood, cemetery, and burnt down/boarded up buildings. Not ideal. Technically, our town is a suburb, yet the main street is so heavily commercialized. Obviously, it could be way way worse, but remember how spoiled we were before?

How can we make the best of our situation? Well you know us, we love to explore and discover the best in new places. We weren’t going to let some sad first impression of our current town define where we live, which is why I bring to you, this beautiful nature walk shown above.

We discovered this walking trail about 10 minutes away from our apartment. Being outside on this trail was refreshing and probably the most beautiful walk we’ve ever taken in all of Connecticut. The path took us over marshes and laid out an intimate view of the tidal wetlands, inhabited by shore birds and crabs. In the distance were views of Long Island Sound and rocky islands.

Finally, we felt at ease and remarkably happier. While we still deal with noise pollution and the unsightly views of the main street from our apartment window, at least we can say that we have found an easy escape to it all.

How do you feel about where you live?

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