Mansions at Hillhouse Avenue

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Mansion at Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, CT Mansion at Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, CTMansion at Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, CT

As part of our campus tour at Yale University, we walked down Hillhouse Avenue, a street known for their 19th-century mansions. Mansion hunting has always been a fun activity that Dan and I did in our hometown. Now we make a point to find all the ritzy neighborhoods in each town we visit, just to see what their fanciest houses look like. Does anyone else enjoy doing this?

All of the mansions on this street are owned by Yale University with the exception of a chapel (not pictured). In fact, even the president of Yale University lives in one of these mansions. He must be required to live and breathe Yale at work and home. Can you imagine that?

In addition, each of Yale’s residential colleges have faculty, such as the head and the dean, who are required to live and eat with their students on campus. Now that’s commitment! Does anyone know if other schools require this?

Unfortunately there aren’t any guided tours for these mansions. Nor did I find these estates to be particularly beautiful. Maybe my expectations were too high? Either way, I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone! However, I still took pictures in case someone here liked the 19th-century architecture. All in all, we still enjoyed our pleasant stroll under the tall trees and the beautiful weather.

If you’re interested in touring mansions in New England, we would recommend visiting Newport, Rhode Island because you actually get to walk inside each room. Learning about the Newport Mansions were surprisingly fun and could take up an entire day. Whereas, these mansions in New Haven only took like 10-15 minutes to view.

After seeing the mansions, we went hiking at East Rock State Park.

What does your ideal mansion look like?

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