My Beach Outfit at the Lavender Farm

At the end of August, we decided to stop by a local lavender farm, since it was conveniently on the way to Dan’s family boat. We expected to see a field of majestic purple flowers and to be smothered with the fragrant lavender scent.

Beach Cover up at Lavender Pond Farm

But where are the lavenders?!

Beach Cover up at Lavender Pond Farm

Unfortunately, we arrived too late! All the lavenders had lost their color so the field was very gray.

Beach Cover up at Lavender Pond Farm

Since we were already here, I figured that I could just show you my beach/boating outfit.

Beach Cover up at Lavender Pond Farm

I am wearing an old beach cover-up from American Eagle and my purple bathing suit from Aerie underneath. My beach hat, which I have worn almost every weekend this summer is from Lulu’s. My tote is a gift from my mom, but she says she got it from Payless! Similar styles are listed in the widget below.

Beach Cover up at Lavender Pond FarmOversize Chess at Lavender Pond Farm

On the bright side, we discovered a huge chess game on the property! Go big or go home, right? This was Dan and my first time playing chess together and it was surprisingly fun.

Oversize Chess at Lavender Pond Farm

Neither of us had any sort of strategy, so it was a game of innocence and some confusion on my part. The game went on forever. We ended up having to stop mid-way because the farm was closing. We will never know who won!

Oversize Chess at Lavender Pond FarmOversize Chess at Lavender Pond Farm

When we thought we had seen it all, we found some chickens on our walk back to the car!

Chickens at Lavender Pond Farm

We were a bit disappointed to have missed the lavenders this year. After some research, we found that lavenders bloom around June, so we will have to make a note to come back that time next year. Hopefully, it will look more lively then! For now, I hope you gained some inspiration from my beach outfit and pencil in a visit to your own local lavender field next summer (before they die off)!

How do you feel about summer coming to an end?

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