Life Lately: Autumn 2017

Hello Autumn / Simply Lovebirds

As a New Englander, I experience all the seasons to the fullest, so naturally I like to organize time in my head based on the weather and my surroundings. So if you don’t mind, I will be writing these life updates according to the seasons because every season brings something new!

These are my plans for Autumn, basically up till the end of the year. Then it’s 2018, whaaa?

Big events

  • Road tripping along coastal Maine! Since my 23rd birthday coincides with Labor Day weekend in early September, Dan and I drove from Connecticut up to Portland, Maine to celebrate. While our trip only lasted the three day weekend, it was still such a wonderful way to end the summer. My travel posts on Maine are currently in the works!
  • Wedding dress shopping! At the end of August, I went wedding dress shopping at a store called, BHLDN. While that may seem like a jumble of letters—because well, it is—the store is pronounced, Beholden. BHLDN is actually Anthropologie’s official wedding brand, so that’s how you know they are trendy AF. (There I go again with the acronyms). Unfortunately, I can’t show you my wedding dress yet because that would spoil the surprise. However, I plan to share my wedding dress shopping experience sometime in July 2018—eeep!
  • Traveling to Scotland! As briefly mentioned in Life Lately: Summer 2017, Dan and I will be visiting my college friend in Scotland this October! My friend and I have been skyping each other for the past 1-2 years, so we are excited to finally reunite IN PERSON. Coming up soon will be a blog post outlining some tips on how to stay in touch with friends who live abroad.
  • Photographing our engagement session! We are in the process of securing our photographers. Once that is settled, we can get our engagement photos taken (finally)! When we first got engaged, we took some shots together with a tripod in the backyard for practice. (See our winter engagement photos.) But we are eager to have a professional take our photos. Our photographers seem like genuinely cool people, so we’re excited!

Hello Autumn / Simply Lovebirds

Little (but equally important) events

  • Editing our Youtube Vlogs. Currently, I am drowning with all these projects, as you had read above, so I am extremely behind on editing my vlogs for Youtube. Like an entire summer behind. Hopefully, my videos will start rolling out soon before they are way too outdated. In the meantime, maybe you guys should subscribe?
  • Growing my blog. Oh hey, my blog is almost an entire year old! If it were a real baby, it would be walking on its own about now! My goal over the summer was to use more social media and I wanted to keep my promise. Within the past few months, I had rejoined Instagram and created my first Twitter account. Eventually, I will have to join Facebook to be taken seriously as a blogger, but hey, BABY STEPS. My ongoing goal is to grow my social accounts and make more blogging friends!
  • Enjoying Autumn. Autumn is such a fun season. Dan and I hope to partake in a ton of fall activities such as apple picking, visiting a corn maze, making pumpkin-related desserts and all that festive stuff. Any recommendations?

What are you up to this season?

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