Minimalist Valentine’s Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I have been scrambling to find my fiancé the perfect gift. Anyone else in the same boat? If so, stick around because there is a giveaway at the end of this post!

Let me illustrate my fiancé for those who don’t know him. Dan is a man of few belongings and he’s happy that way. He’s quite minimalist and doesn’t keep frivolous things (read: junk) around for long. As you can imagine, finding a romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for him was a challenge!

What do you gift someone minimalist?

Well, this year, I had decided to gift him with a beautiful wooden watch from JORD!

JORD Watch Giveaway! - Simply Lovebirds

JORD creates luxury, hand-crafted, all-natural wooden watches. They have over 10 unique series of designs to pick from, such as the Men’s Conway. But ladies, don’t worry, they have women’s watches too! Each watch arrives in a beautifully finished wooden box that features a small compartment, as well as finishing oil and a microfiber cloth to keep your watch looking brand new.

JORD Watch Conway in Jet Black - Simply Lovebirds

Since I wanted to make sure my fiancé would be happy wearing the style he liked best, I had him pick from the website himself. Guys, there are ZERO secrets between us 😂

JORD Watch Giveaway! - Simply Lovebirds

Ultimately, he chose the Conway in Jet black, which I absolutely adore! The Conway band is made up of an earthy walnut with a bezeled edge, while the face features three little displays that details the hours, minutes and seconds hand even further. How fancy!

JORD Watch Conway in Jet Black - Simply Lovebirds


JORD Watch Conway in Jet Black - Simply LovebirdsJORD Watch Giveaway! - Simply Lovebirds

To be honest, I don’t think Dan has ever owned something quite this classy! He loves the fact that he didn’t need to peruse the mall for hours, because face it, shopping is a punishment for guys like him. Instead, it was a quick and painless purchase online where JORD provided free shipping. It took just a minute to print out JORD’s printable sizing chart and measure his wrist ourselves. The watch arrived shortly after.

JORD Watch Valentine's Day Giveaway! - Simply Lovebirds JORD Watch Valentine's Day Giveaway! - Simply Lovebirds

Needless to say, he’s super happy with his unique wooden watch!

Modeling the JORD Conway Watch in Jet Black - Simply Lovebirds

✨JORD Watch Giveaway!✨

I have partnered with JORD Watches to give one lucky winner a $100 gift coupon to spend on their own JORD Watch! To enter my giveaway, all you need to do is submit your email address to the following website, if you win, all entrants will receive a 10% off discount code.

My giveaway ends on February 18th at 11:59pm.

Both the $100 and 10% off codes will expire on March 4th.

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What are you guys and gals doing for Valentine’s Day?

Wooden Wrist Watch

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