My Best Instagram Photos of 2017

As most bloggers can understand, I have had a love/hate relationship with Instagram for years now. It has always been a struggle for me to post frequently, come up with witty captions (I never do), interact with everyone, and stick to my theme. Of course, those are all voluntary, but being the perfectionist and overachiever that I am, I have convinced myself that it all must be perfect.

But that’s besides the point. A few months ago, I promised myself that I would get better at posting on Instagram because personally, I love being able to see what Dan and I have been up to throughout the year. Not only do we post our little adventures, but posting my images in chronological order allows me to see how I have improved with my photography and art direction.

Towards the second half of this year, I really stepped up my Insta game. Since everyone has been posting their top nine best Instagram photos of the year, of course, I wanted to join the trend too (late per usual).


Here are my top nine most liked Instagram photos!


My Best Instagram Photos of 2017

1. The Cutest Christmas Village in Connecticut!

Winning by a landslide is a photo taken on Christmas day. My fiancé and I found the cutest little village to explore on our way to my sister’s house.

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2. Cozy Home on Loch Lomond, Scotland

On our third day in Scotland, we visited the largest lake by surface area in Great Britain, Loch Lomond. There were rainbows shooting out from the sky like crazy and the sight was heavenly! I snapped this photo as we sat on the dock looking out at the loch.

More on Loch Lomond soon!

3. Hiking in the Quiraing, Scotland

The hike up Quiraing on the Isle of Skye in Scotland was long (for my standards) but extremely rewarding. It was on/off drizzling about 80% of the time and we had to cross several little streams. In the end, we lost the trail and never ended up making it to the top, but as the cliché goes, the fun was in the journey!

More on our trip to the Isle of Skye soon!

As far as I know, the grass is ALWAYS greener in Scotland.

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4. Cutting Down our Christmas Tree

This fun photograph was from the day we picked out our Christmas tree! Details on my headband in the link below.

Check out: Picking out our Christmas Tree!

Hi I’m Kim and I like posing with things I find on the ground 🍂

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5. Petting a Highland Cow!

Ah yes, another Scotland photo making the top nine! While I don’t have a blog post corresponding to this experience of petting a highland cow YET, you should check out the time when we petted Icelandic horses!

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Please love meee! 🐮

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6. Charming Glasgow

During our adventures in Scotland, my friend showed us around Glasgow! This was the prettiest street we stumbled upon!

More on Glasgow soon!

Possibly the most charming street in Glasgow ✨

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7. At the Sligachan River, Scotland

On our way onto the Isle of Skye, we were greeted by the slight rush of the Sligachan River. Legand has it, if you submerge your face into the river for 7 seconds that you will have eternal beauty. However, it was a cold wintery afternoon, so I passed on the opportunity of frostbite 😜

More on the Scottish Highlands soon!

8. Holding Hands on Calton Hill

One of our fondest memories in Scotland was hanging out with Dan and my college friend Paula (who took the photo) on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. This was our first night together and while the day was super long and we were feeling pretty jet-lagged, we had an absolute blast running around the city, seeing the sights, and catching up!

More on Edinburgh soon!

Standing uphill on my tippy toes like 😏

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9. Celebrating Christmas in our Tent!

Yay! So happy this made the list. This year, we decided to watch Christmas movies in our cozy little tent in the living room, hahah. I love living with my best friend and being able to do goofy things from my childhood!

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