Our First Christmas Cards

Christmas with Kim and Dan - Simply Lovebirds

Happy Belated Holidays, everyone! Sorry that I have been the worst blogger lately. I had taken the holiday break to relax and catch up with friends and family, which meant I didn’t get a chance to sign onto Wordpress. But still, I wanted to share our first Christmas cards with you before it’s way too late!

(The photo above is unrelated to the xmas cards, although I did want to show off our little monogram stockings from Target before we put away all our Christmasy things!)

Just when we thought we had accomplished all our “firsts,” Dan and I discovered that we have never sent out Christmas Cards together! Actually, my family has never sent out the personalized Christmas cards ever so this was definitely a first for me.

Since Dan and I had taken cute winter engagement photos last year (see the post here), we decided to use them in our Christmas cards this year! Luckily, we haven’t changed our appearance in the slightest, so it looks like these pictures were taken recently. Take a look below!

Zazzle Christmas Cards - Simply Lovebirds

We made these cards on the cheap through a website called Zazzle. They have the most beautiful designs to pick from — my favorite being the ones that have the handwritten brush style — so you don’t need to spend hours trying to learn photoshop! And isn’t the pattern on the backside of our card adorable?

Our Christmas cards were about 70% off after using this Groupon deal. Zazzle seems to run deals on Groupon frequently, so always check Groupon before your purchase! Keep in mind, that rarely offer free shipping and you have to pick from their selection of cards, which you can find here.

Have any of you used Zazzle before? If not, then what service do you use? This post wasn’t sponsored but since our wedding is coming up soon, we need invitations and I love hearing what other services people like to use for their cards.

Do you like to send out holiday cards?

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a joyful time ringing in the new year!

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