Our First Christmas Tree Together!

As you know, Dan and I got engaged a few weeks ago! We thought it’d be fun to celebrate our engagement and first year living together by buying a real Christmas tree, rather than pulling a fake one out from our parents’ basements!

The jewelers finished resizing my engagement ring, just in time for our Christmas festivities! Being able to wear my newly fitted ring made my first Christmas tree picking experience with my boyfriend fiancé even more special. With that being said, my engagement ring will make an appearance later in this post for you curious readers!

Tips on Picking the Healthiest Christmas Tree

Before we left, I was super eager and researched some tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree. You can never be too prepared, right? Apparently, you should bend the needles to check whether the tree is healthy! If the needles break easily, you should move on to the next tree, until you can find one with flexible needles. Since all these trees were grown on site, they were incredibly green and healthy! They call them evergreens for a reason, right? Our tree was as fresh as can be, since we chopped it down ourselves!

Kim at Totoket Tree Farm, North Branford, CTKim at Totoket Tree Farm, North Branford, CTKim at Totoket Tree Farm, North Branford, CT

The wind started to pick up, but luckily I brought my Icelandic hat to keep warm! My fur vest is from Zara and it reminds me of my cat, Mimi. Super warm and super fluffy!

Dan at Totoket Tree Farm, North Branford, CTDan at Totoket Tree Farm, North Branford, CT

Dan thought it would be cozy hiding between the trees. He looks pretty happy to me.

My Engagement Ring at Totoket Tree Farm

As promised, here is my ring in all its brilliance! Never in a million years would I have thought that I would own anything sparkly like this! Now, I wish I had painted my nails. I’m looking a bit plain in comparison.

Dan at Totoket Tree Farm, North Branford, CT

Eventually, we found the perfect tree and wheeled it to our car. The guys at the tree farm were super friendly and packed it up for us. We even got a free sticker in the end!

What I learned from my new experience

Trees bite back.

From this new experience, I learned that pine trees are A LOT more prickly than they appear. No wonder they’re called pine NEEDLES! But I guess we like a tree that bites back 😉

Size matters.

Trees look small until you bring them inside!

Dan and I aimed to get a narrow and tall tree, since we have high ceilings but not enough floor space to spare in our living room. Instead, we ended up with a really wide 6ft tree. Total fail! I swear the tree doubled in size from when we first chopped it down!

Still, we had an amazing time and can’t wait to relive this tradition for many years to come!

Did anyone else decorate their trees (real or fake) this weekend?

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