Petting Icelandic Horses!

No road trip in Iceland is complete without petting the most majestic of animals—Icelandic Horses!! You may be thinking that horses are quite ordinary. In America, they are. But the livestock in Iceland were slightly different (read: more majestic) from what you’d see anywhere else.

Icelandic Horse in the Fog

For one, Icelandic Horses are built more heavily with short, stocky bodies, in order to keep warm in the brutal Iceland winters. These guys roamed in such vast lands that we had a tough time eyeing where their fence ends, if they had any!

Icelandic Horse in the Fog

After driving hours through a blanket of fog and a blur of grass in rural Iceland (basically all of Iceland), finding a group of majestic horses just a short distance from the road was surreal. Especially at 10PM, thanks to the midnight sun!

Surrounded by Icelandic Horses

We spotted more horses, sheep and cows than we could count during our road trip, yet we hardly ever saw people. This realization made us pretty happy, being the anti-social introverts that we are.

Icelandic Horse in the Fog

We were able to get really close. These guys weren’t at all camera-shy! We nicknamed this guy, Horsavík, similar to Húsavík, a small town in the northeast region of Iceland that we really enjoyed.

Icelandic Horses

Luckily, we spotted Icelandic horses on the road several times during our trip! They had great temperament and each enjoyed attention from us. By the way, these horses are not ponies and I think the Icelanders get upset when people mistaken them as such.


Petting Icelandic Cows

Icelandic Cattle

Further down the road were these adorable Icelandic cows! They were generally interested in sniffing and licking our hands, an exception being the few in the back that stared at us with fear or disdain.

Petting Icelandic Cattle Petting Icelandic CattleIcelandic CattleIcelandic Cattle


We hope you enjoyed our photos of the majestic animals of Iceland! Petting these curious creatures was easily one of the highlights of our trip, however it wasn’t the only fun thing we did. See the rest of Iceland!

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  • Okay ummmm I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. Like what. Iceland is definitely on my bucketlist. These photos are so beautiful, and the horses and cows never looked so photogenic! I love the editing too, do you use your own presets? Really interested in what you used in these photos, they look amazeballs!! hehe.

    • Thanks so much, Joyce! Your comment made my day! Their horses and cows are soo adorable in person too. I was still learning Lightroom when I was editing these last year, so really just played around with the highlights/darks.