Rainy Day in Portland, Maine

You will never guess where we currently are . . . we’re in Scotland! (Or maybe you already knew that from all my tweets!) But yes – Dan and I are in Scotland to visit my best friend who’s currently studying at the University of Glasgow! Our plans are to spend the week soaking in all the natural beauty from Glencoe and Isle of Skye. Imagine mountainous greens and rolling glens! (Am I using that word right? I just learned the word “glen” this week.) Then, we have a few days in Edinburgh to end the trip.

Although to be honest, the rainy days in Scotland reminds me of the weather back at home in New England. Like in Scotland, rainy days in New England are inevitable.

Here are some rainy pictures from our time in Portland, Maine last month. I thought it would be fitting to share those pictures with you all today, since my Scotland photos won’t be ready to share yet. More on Scotland later, I promise!

Bull Feeney's in Portland, Maine | Simply Lovebirds

Here we are in Portland, Maine. Before it started to rain, we made our way into Bull Feeney’s on Fore Street for lunch. Dan’s college roommate, who is a local Mainer, recommended this Irish pub.

Holy Donut Burger at Bull Feeney's in Portland, Maine | Simply Lovebirds

In 23 facts about myself, I admitted that I was not a foodie, however that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a huge-ass burger every once in a while. We got to Portland knowing that we wanted to try the famous Holy Donut, which are donuts made by hand from local Maine potatoes. However, the real Holy Donut joint had a long line out the door, so I opted to get the maple-glazed Holy Donut bacon burger at Bull Feeney’s instead. I ate (half) the burger like a champ, then tucked the other half away in a doggy bag. Dan got a chicken sandwich. There was live Celtic music playing on the floor beneath us while we had the whole second floor to ourselves.

Rainy day in the car

By the time we finished eating, it started to pour. We were on our way to see some lighthouses.

Lighthouse viewpoint in Portland, Maine

Coincidentally, we drove by the Portland Observatory which is modeled like a lighthouse. Since it was a rainy day, there was no reason to climb up the tower, but on a sunny day, I would recommend you take the bait and see the panoramic view of the city here!


Lighthouse in Portland, Maine

We finally reached Cape Elizabeth Light at Two Lights State Park. But can you see it? Dan and I debated back and forth whether we were at the right viewpoint, because we could hardly see this lighthouse. While weather had something to do with it (it was pouring at this point) it still doesn’t look like a great view.

Windy Flagpole

It can be hard to show how windy it is in photographs, but take a look at how tilted this flag pole is due to the wind! The flag was whipping up like crazy. We were scared the metal pole would just fall over!

Portland Maine's Rocky CoastlineRealities of New England Weather

Luckily, we are dressed for the weather so a little rain never stops us from adventuring!

Kim and Dan Traveling to Maine

Dan is wearing this water-resistant and windproof adidas jacket while I have layered my Northface jacket and Patagonia fleece beneath my Zara trench coat.

Portland Maine's Rocky Coastline Viewing Binoculars in Portland, Maine | Simply Lovebirds

As you can see, these photos show the realities of weather in New England. It looks like it could be winter, but these photos were actually taken in early September, which is considered summer. This is why everyone suggests to bring layers whenever you travel to the Northeast! But no worries! Our afternoon was still very pleasurable, since we were celebrating my birthday and exploring new parts of the state that we haven’t been before. The next day was sunny and back to warm weather! We did vlog about our time here but I am very behind on editing videos, so you’ll have to see them a few months from now.

At the moment, Scotland is amazing and I plan to write more about my time in Scotland in later blog posts, when I have the right photos to accompany my thoughts! Stay tuned, everyone!

Would you adventure outside while it’s raining?

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