3 Reasons to Throw an Engagement Party

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HOORAY! Dan and I had an absolute BLAST at our engagement party over the weekend. Enough to use caps lock, apparently. And wow. All the work we put into the party was so. totally. WORTH IT!

For a while, we had contemplated whether or not we should throw an engagement party. Wedding planning seemed hectic enough, thank you very much. But eventually, we realized that we wanted our engagement to feel more official—as if my sparkly wedding ring didn’t do that! Even more so, we have been excited to share our happiness with friends and family. At that point, throwing an engagement party made sense.

But if you still need convincing, here are 3 reasons for why you should throw an engagement party!

To celebrate, duh!

When you think about it, getting married will be one of the biggest moments in your life, therefore it deserves some A LOT of attention. Spread your fantastic news by throwing a party to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones. A lively party with some games and booze will always triumph over a Facebook status update.

Break the ice between families.

Don’t let your wedding day be the first time your families meet! Hosting an engagement party would create the perfect opportunity for your families to mingle, socialize and inevitably warm up to each other. By the time the wedding comes around, your family members will be more comfortable with one other.

Practice party planning.

In case you haven’t noticed, weddings are extremely complicated to plan. With that in mind, you should treat your engagement party as a trial run. You can practice creating invitations, working with caterers, decorating, and hosting for a crowd of people. Be sure to make note of what works (and what doesn’t) during the engagement party so you know what to improve on for the wedding!

Lastly, engagement parties are FUN. Do you need an excuse other than that?!

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3 Reasons to Throw an Engagement Party! 3 Reasons to Throw an Engagement Party!

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