Touring a Rustic Barn Wedding Venue

Interior of The Barns at Wesleyan Hill, Middletown, CT Interior of The Barns at Wesleyan Hill, Middletown, CT Interior of The Barns at Wesleyan Hill, Middletown, CT Interior of The Barns at Wesleyan Hill, Middletown, CT

Rustic barn venues do exist in real life, you guys! Aren’t the hanging garden lights absolute perfection?!

For some reason, I have always thought weddings held in barns would be totally unattainable. Like, something you would only find on Pinterest from a couple who had connections to a generous and contemporary farmer in the countryside. But lo and behold, there has been a converted barn that caters solely to making fairy-tale wedding dreams come true in Connecticut this entire time!

This venue is a one-stop shop, meaning they cater, decorate and provide almost everything you would need for a wedding, including an on-site coordinator. Perfect, right? Well, as you can guess, all those luxuries meant it was completely out of our budget—just starting at $38k. But hmm, maybe if we dip into the honeymoon fund? Give up our apartment? Haha, just kidding! But we were thiiiis close to living off ramen noodles for the next few years.

Was it a mistake to tour this gorgeous venue without finalizing our budget first? Heck yeah! Here’s a tip for the future brides out there, you should really discuss your budget first or you will be disappointed when you’ve toured all these beautiful venues and realize that you cannot afford them!

Luckily, there are a ton of other wedding venues that will be in our price range that we could love, such as the historic mansion venue or christmas tree farm venue from earlier! Maybe not as much as this barn, but just enough!

If you had the chance, would you get married in a rustic barn?

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  • Oh my goodness that is SUCH an expensive price! My entire wedding was nowhere near that, eek! It’s a shame as it is a really pretty venue, but hopefully you can find somewhere else in your budget.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Good budgeting on your end! I definitely won’t be spending anywhere near their asking price either. Hope you had a lovely weekend too 🙂

    • It was based on their minimum number of guests. So like, 125? But I should have known coming in, I mean the place is beautiful and they are ranked $$$$ on The Knot, haha. We made quite the rookie mistake that I hope you can learn from 😛

  • Heck yeah I would get married in a barn! I went to a barn wedding in the Amanda Colonies in Iowa…it was SO GORGEOUS. But that’s hella expensive. I’m sure you can find another barn that will do!

  • Fairytale venue is right!! That venue is absolutely gorgeous. I would totally be on board with a ramen diet if it meant having that barn! But I’m 100% positive the venue you and Dan end up choosing will be absolutely stunning and affordable– can’t wait to see what you choose!

  • This is a gorgeous place. Too bad it’s so expensive, but I’m sure there’s others that are just as pretty!

  • The rustic barn looks beautiful, especially with the lighting! I really like how it’s converted so people would feel comfortable being there. I can’t believe how expensive weddings can be these days @___@. It’s definitely important to discuss budget first but it’s also good to tour the venue to gather some inspiration :). Hope you’ll find that perfect venue!

    If set up properly, I wouldn’t mind getting married in a rustic barn at all (like the one you toured!)

    • The lighting is my favorite part! And you are totally right! This barn has certainly given me some inspiration, which I’ll bring into the venue that I ultimately choose! Thanks for visiting my site!

  • We were married on a friend of a friend’s ranch and totally had the rustic barn thing going! It suited our personalities because we love the outdoors and wanted to throw our version of a backyard bbq complete with camp fire. This was before the days of Pinterest though (I think Pinterest would have driven me crazy if I were a bride these days) and it was nowhere near 38k!

    little green field book

    • That sounds like the best wedding! And to plan it without Pinterest? Man, I don’t know where I would be without Pinterest to help me plan my wedding! I love your taste! We might want to go with something more casual like a backyard wedding too.

      • Our initial thought (not involving eloping, that is) was to rent a big house in the Hill Country part of TX (where we eventually married) and just have our close friends and family over for a big bbq. I think once we decided not to elope, the wedding started to grow in size and scale and before we knew it our “simple backyard bbq” turned into something a bit more elaborate. We still kept the vibe we wanted, and our wedding was still relatively small, but it definitely gets more complicated when planning for over 25 guests!

        As for pre-Pinterest wedding planning – it involved saving images to a folder on my computer and then uploading them to a shared flickr album so my mom (DIY queen) could understand my “vision.” I also used PowerPoint to create mood boards so that my bridesmaids etc. could collaborate / help. Pinterest would have been SO MUCH easier, but probably super overwhelming as well. It’s like everyone’s wedding game has increased exponentially with the advent of wedding blogs and Pinterest. My head would explode trying to plan a wedding today!

        Good luck with the planning – can’t wait to see what y’all decide!

        • I have found that it’s hard to keep something small and simple when you have so many caring people in your life that want to share the moment with you! But who can complain about that? 😉

          Oh boy! I haven’t signed onto my Flickr account in ages. I love that your mom is a DIY queen because mine is too! There is definitely more pressure to have the picture perfect weather with Pinterest, so it’s a double edged sword! But I will manage and hopefully stay true to myself!

          Thanks so much for sharing your process!

          • So true! What you’ll end up realizing with the wedding stuff is that you can have it anywhere, wear anything, etc. The important stuff – friends, family, hubby – is what really makes the wedding. Nobody, including you, will remember much else.

            I actually designed, printed, and letterpressed my own invitations (including a 10pg travel guide booklet) and let me tell you, I almost lost my mind! They looked cool but for the time and stress, I would go to Target and get those predesigned ones, run them thru my printer and call it a day! And yeah, delegating is your friend. My mom and the hubby’s mom made pretty much all the decorations and did the flower arrangements and two of my graphic design friends helped immensely with all the design/printed pieces. I even had a diy photobooth that printed on paper that had our “wedding logo” on it. Like I said, if I were to do it again, I’d probably scale way back and simplify. All that stuff makes nice, Pinterest-worthy photos, but doesn’t create memories!

            • Aw thanks for all your advice! I love the idea of a travel guide booklet and making my own invitations, but like you said, no one will necessarily remember those details… Your comments really put everything into perspective for me <3

  • That barn is so pretty with the hanging lights. It will make for a fantastic backdrop.. but it’s so expensive. I literally went and converted it into the local currency and I can plan four weddings with their asking price. I do hope you find a venue that is within your budget! I enjoy binge watching Say Yes to the Dress and too many people spend way above their budget, and cut into their budget for other things. I am looking forward to more of your wedding planning posts, Kim! 🙂

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Haha I love that you took the time to convert! (I would do the same). We are usually careful with our money so hopefully we don’t go crazy with the wedding! It’s just one day after all. Thanks for your comment, Teesh!