Tortuguero Beach: A Jungle Paradise in Costa Rica!

Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica Tortuguero Beach, Costa RicaPalm Leaves at Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica[pipdig_left]Stray Dog at Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica[/pipdig_left][pipdig_right]Stray Dog at Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica[/pipdig_right] Me at Tortuguero Beach, Costa RicaMe at Tortuguero Beach, Costa RicaTortuguero Beach, Costa RicaDan in Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica Kim and Dan at Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica

Discovering Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica

Earlier this year, we spent two weeks exploring the incredibly bio-diverse country of Costa Rica.

Getting to Tortuguero Beach was a long-haul. After our 6 hour flight (10 hours including layovers), we spent the night in San Jose, only to wake up early and travel another 3 hours on the road and 1 hour on the water to reach the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Our destination was Tortuguero National Park, arguably the most remote region in the country, which neighbors Tortuguero Beach and Tortuguero Village.

Tortuguero Beach, or Playa Tortuguero, was one of those places that we thought could only be found in postcards, office calendars or desktop wallpapers. It was picturesque, but also wild. We never thought that we would find ourselves experiencing this lush jungle paradise in person. The beach stretched on for miles, yet we hadn’t come across anyone else. Although we did run into a stray dog happily running along the Caribbean coast! He was so well behaved, too.

A tradition that Dan and I like to do when we arrive to a new beach is test the temperature of the water at the same time. When we both reached in, the water was warm to the fingertips, as expected! However, the beach was too dangerous for swimming because of riptides—and who knows what else! Perhaps, crocodiles and sharks? Instead, we played it safe and spent our time walking along the beach to our cabin, enjoying the jungle landscape with each step.

Significance of Tortuguero Beach

Tortuguero is a very special place. Don’t mistaken this beach as a place to sunbathe and party. During the wet, summer months, thousands of sea turtles come to nest and lay their eggs along the Caribbean Coast, namely Tortuguero Beach. Since we visited during a dry month, the turtles were busy out at sea. However, we still had a worthwhile time seeing other exotic animals during our wildlife boat safari with Mawamba Lodge!

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Tortuguero Beach: Jungle Paradise in Costa Rica. Read more on Tortuguero Beach: Jungle Paradise in Costa Rica. Read more on

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