Tulips in Full Bloom at Yale University

Tulips at Yale University Kim with Tulips and Flowering Tree at Yale University Kim with Tulips and Flowering Tree at Yale University[pipdig_left]Kim with Tulips and Flowering Tree at Yale University[/pipdig_left][pipdig_right]Kim with Tulips and Flowering Tree at Yale University[/pipdig_right]

Kim with Tulips and Flowering Tree at Yale UniversityTulips at Yale UniversityDan and Kim at Yale University Standing with tulips at Yale University

Happy May Day, Everyone!

Everyday as part of my commute to work, I walk through one of the most beautiful paths at Yale University. And everyday I think to myself, this area is so beautiful that it needs to be photographed! Although to be honest, Yale’s entire campus is photogenic. Last weekend, I decided to revisit this blossoming tree and patch of tulips to finally take the photos I had been envisioning.

Mother Nature works so quickly. Unfortunately, we weren’t quick enough. Usually the tree has more white petals, but as you can see, most of it had already started to shed onto the ground. Now the tree actually looks less full and a bit more green. Still beautiful though.

Someday when Dan and I get a real house, we would love to plant patches of colorful tulips in the front. By no means would they look like the tulips in Holland, but I would try anyways! They sprout so early in the spring compared to other flowers. We all need deserve that pop of color after surviving the harsh white winters in New England! Luckily, we’ve had a sudden growth of flowers in our apartment’s backyard. It feels like it happened overnight! Aren’t flowers funny that way? Now the yard looks really lush and colorful. I will have to go out and try identifying these new flowers for you soon.

Style Guide

Striped top (similar) | High-Rise Shorts | Pearl Earrings | Watch

My outfit is on the plain side, but it really gives way to the colorful tulips behind me, which are the real show! My top and bottoms are from Hollister. Hopefully the olive high-rise twill short shorts are still on sale (mine were about $20). They run true to size. By the way, it feels great to wear shorts again!

What are your favorite flowers? And what are you looking forward to most this Spring?

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