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Hey everyone! Just here to tell you that there are NEW VLOGGERS on Youtube! Who are the new vloggers, you ask? Well, if you didn’t catch on yet, Dan and I have been uploading vlogs to Youtube!

Does everyone know what vlogging is? It’s one of those millennial terms that I think should be added to the dictionary by now! For those who are unfamiliar with vlogs, they are essentially video diaries. In my opinion, the best vlogs are 1) personal, like when the vlogger talks directly to the camera and 2) entertaining and fun. We hope to get better at incorporating both as we continue to vlog our daily adventures together!

Here are our first three videos on Youtube. They are from earlier this year, since I only got to editing them just recently. Hopefully you can understand how busy we are once you’ve read about our life lately. We’ve got over 10 more videos to post from the summer so far, so stay tuned by subscribing!


Catch a glimpse of how we spend a typical Saturday as two twenty-somethings living together in New England. Technically, we filmed this video in March, which is why we are wearing long sleeves. Warning, the contents of this video may seem super random but I swear this is a typical weekend!



Dan has loved cars ever since he was a little boy, so we went out and test drove a classic 1968 Volvo Amazon. More detail can be found on the original blog post from March 2017. This video is only 2 minutes long, if you’re in a time crunch!



In April, we decided to be a little more social by visiting our local brewery for a beer flight and tour of their facilities. Watch the video, then read more on our experience in the original blog post.



touring wedding venues • celebrating my niece’s first birthday • Mother’s Day • touring Yale University • hiking in Connecticut • boating in Connecticut • a museum date • a beach trip • moving apartments • running around IKEA • the Fourth of July weekend • Costa Rica travel diary • and more!


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SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Michael from Miles in My Glasses and Eena from Cabin Twenty-Four for already subscribing and commenting before I had even officially started promoting. I love how kind, open-minded and supportive they have both been. Be sure to visit their blogs!

What kind of videos do you like to watch on Youtube?

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