Lakeside Cabin Adventures in New Hampshire

Last August, my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces invited us to stay with them at Tall Timber Lodge in Pittsburg, New Hampshire for the weekend. The cabin was located at the very tip of New Hampshire, basically in the middle of nowhere. We were bordering Canada, even! It was a six hour drive from where we live in Connecticut, but since it was my brother-in-law’s family tradition, we were more than happy to become a part of the yearly trek into the northern woods.

Where to Stay: Our Lakeside Cabin

Our Cabin at Tall Timber Lodge, NH

Tall Timber has multiple lakeside and woodside cabins, as well as eight lodge rooms. The six of us decided to stay in Maple Cabin right on the lake. Maple was one of the larger cabins. It was two stories high, whereas the surrounding cabins had only one ground level. In total, Maple Cabin had 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including a jacuzzi, yaaaas! This cabin would have been perfect for a family of eight—if only my parents could have made the trip! We ended up having way more than enough space with two twin beds and a full bed left untouched.

Travel Tip: Plan far in advance during peak season (June – August) because their cabins get booked quickly!

Tall Timber Lodge, NHOur Cabin at Tall Timber Lodge, NHBedroom in Tall Timber Lodge, Pittsburg, New Hampshire

Where to Eat

There are not many food options in the middle of nowhere. Who would have guessed? Our particular cabin had a fully equipped kitchen, however not every cabin had that luxury. Since my sister struggled with finding a nearby grocery store, the best place to eat was at Tall Timber Lodge’s Rainbow Grille & Tavern, which is located at the main lodge. We had breakfast and dinner there, and loved it!

Travel Tip: Locals like to eat at the Rainbow Grille & Tavern as well, so you must make reservations ahead of time to guarantee yourself a table!


Things to Do at Tall Timber Lodge

We were able to fill in our weekend with tons of relaxing, outdoor activities. We swam, canoed around the lake, played with some ducklings, went on a fun boat ride, tried biking (I was too short for the ones they had), dined at the Rainbow Grille & Tavern, and enjoyed the sunset. Each night, I worked on finishing my 1000-piece puzzle with my sister—that was our family tradition.

Waking up in a Cloud

Back Lake at Tall Timber Lodge, NH

We arrived on Friday night, so we couldn’t see much of the lake before going to bed. However, we woke up the next day to a heavy blanket of fog pressed up against our windows! Actually, I woke up to the fog. Dan slept through the whole thing. I’m still bitter about it to this day, but I was happy to share this surreal moment with my sister and niece, Madison. After taking my pictures, I went back to sleep and dreamt that I was in the middle of the lake in the fog, floating around like Peter Pan and Wendy! Wouldn’t that be amazing to do in real life?

Playing with some Brave Ducklings!

Friendly ducks at Tall Timber Lodge, NH

There was a family of cute ducklings that walked around the campsite greeting people. These ducklings were so bold and fun! They literally nipped at my toes with curiosity. It didn’t hurt—I have a parakeet that does worse—but it was a surprise. Madison loved them, but whenever she turned around, they’d try to nibble at her diaper. Those funny ducklings!

Canoeing Around the Lake


Canoeing at Tall Timber Lodge, NH



Canoeing at Tall Timber Lodge, NH


My very first canoeing experience was at Tall Timber Lodge. Dan says I did pretty well, but we both know that he did most of the paddling. You can help yourself to any canoe on the property at no additional cost. That means free, people! Tall Timber supplies you with life jackets and oars, too. The water at the lake was always very calm.

Cruising on the Back Lake

Boating in Back Lake at Tall Timber Lodge, NH

If you’re looking for something with more speed than a canoe, Tall Timber Lodge offers small motor boat rentals. We rented one for a day (although this was not free) and cruised around the lake. It was Madison’s first time in a boat and she seemed to have a great time in her water wings! The weather was absolutely perfect.

My Brother-in-law and Niece

A Beautiful Sunset Over the Lake

Sunset at Tall Timber Lodge, NH

On the last night, the family of ducklings came back to watch the sun set over the water with us. This moment couldn’t get any more picturesque.

Sunset at Tall Timber Lodge, NHSunset at Tall Timber Lodge, NH

When we first agreed to vacation with my sister and brother-in-law, we were worried that New Hampshire would be boring and simply not worth the six hour drive, but we were so happy to be proven wrong! It was nice to put our electronics away and just enjoy nature. We hope this post inspires you to plan trips like this, where you get off the grid and focus on spending time outside with family!

Where did you go for your last family vacation?

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