What I Look Forward to Every Summer

Branford Trolley Trail Nature Path, Connecticut
Trolley Trail Nature Path in Branford, Connecticut

Most New Englanders can agree that our mood is easily dictated by the season and weather. Now that the first day of summer has officially begun, we can dust off our beach chairs and head outside. Trust me, we are bouncing in excitement with our sunscreen and beach towel in hand!

To kick off my favorite season, I wanted to share a short list of happy things I look forward to every summer. These items are personal to me, but hopefully you can still relate to some degree.

Sundresses and sandals.

Every girl knows that flowy sundresses are synonymous to freedom because we no longer need to wear constraining pants. Throw in some color or your favorite pattern, then it’s definitely something worth celebrating. Plus, it’s a bonus not having to don several layers or boots before leaving the house. Toes out, everyone!

Longer days.

In the winter months, the sunset usually beats us home from work, leaving us in the dark before dinner time. How depressing! But once summer hits, there’s plenty of sunlight long after we get home. We love stopping by the town beach, which brings me to my next point…

Beach trips.

As you know, we live right on the Connecticut coastline. We take advantage of our location as often as possible by heading down to the town beach every other night. Living minutes away from sand and beach waves is the best thing I could ever ask for.

P.S. Sunsets are way more glorious on the beach! But you probably already knew that.


Dan has lived and breathed the boating lifestyle ever since he was a little boy, so of course, when we started dating, I’ve adopted this lifestyle, too. We love to go boating down the Connecticut River every summer with his family.

Family BBQs.

My sister and brother-in-law recently bought their forever home in a woodsy neighborhood with a spacious backyard, so we’re excited to have family BBQs. My nieces, Madison and Emma have just discovered the joys of water, so we’ll be splashing around the kiddie pool in the backyard while my brother-in-law grills this summer.

Summer romance novels.

Reading about young summer love has always been my guilty pleasure. That may sound creepy AF but hear me out. My current favorite is The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. While it’s not the Da Vinci Code, it’s easy to finish within a day or two on the beach and always evokes warm summer vibes.

Writing this list made me super happy so I hope you were just as happy reading this!

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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