A Winter Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

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New England is so joyous and cheerful during the holiday season, which is why it is the most wonderful time of the year to explore one of our best known towns, Newport in Rhode Island. Luckily, Dan and I both had the week after Christmas off from work, so we hopped over to see the town blanketed in snow and tour their lavishly-decorated mansions.


Ocean Avenue

The first thing we did in Newport was zip down to Ocean Avenue, a beautiful scenic drive along the southern shore of Newport. Ocean Avenue offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay right at your feet. We hopped out of the car to get a closer look at the crashing waves and rocky shoreline atop the rocks. You could smell the salty air here, even during the wintertime!

View from Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI On the Rocks at Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI

There was a sign discouraging people from climbing the rocks, but it didn’t seem to stop anyone!

Windy Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI

As you can tell, it was a bit windy and cold! I wrapped myself up with a blanket scarf that my mom got me for Christmas and that actually made a huge difference! Thanks mom!


Forty Steps

Here are the famous forty steps—just as promised in the name. What you see is what you get.

40 Steps, Newport, RI

Kim and Dan, 40 Steps, Newport, RI


Cliff Walk

Right along the Forty Steps is the Cliff Walk, a popular 3.5 mile trail along the eastern shore of Newport. Technically, the north entrance of the Cliff Walk starts at Memorial Boulevard where parking is available. But since we were pressed for time, we started the Cliff Walk midway at the Forty Steps and headed south. This section of the path happened to be flat and paved. There were mansions to our right and a beautiful vista of the ocean to our left.

Me on the Cliffwalk, Newport, RI Cliff Walk, Newport, RIGrass during cliff walk, Newport, RIGazebo off Cliffwalk, Newport, RINewport Mansions off the Cliffwalk, RI

We discovered that there are no bad angles or sides to a Newport mansion, even if you’re technically viewing from the back!


The Breakers Mansion

At this time of year, Newport’s most grandiose and popular mansions, The Breakers, The Elms, and Marble House get decked out with beautiful yuletide finery. The über wealthy sure know how to impress! This was our main reason for wanting to visit Newport during Christmas.

The Breakers Mansion at Christmas, Newport, RI The Breakers Mansion at Christmas, Newport, RI The Breakers Mansion at Christmas, Newport, RI The Breakers Mansion at Christmas, Newport, RI

These rooms are perfection. There were fully lit & decorated Christmas trees in every room. Ah, so magical! And I bet Santa had no problem sliding down their ginormous chimneys! 😉

The Breakers Mansion at Christmas, Newport, RI

While my photos gave away some of the beautiful décor, there’s still so many rooms that I didn’t photograph, which means you should see this feat for yourself! Walking under the extravagant entryways and taking in the fine details of every room was surprisingly fun and something that we’d recommend for everyone when visiting Newport!


How do you like to spend the gap week between Christmas and New Years?

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